The New Zealand Warmblood Association promotes the breeding, improvement, exhibition and participation in competition of the Warmblood horse.  Our objective is to ensure NZ Warmbloods are bred to produce:

  • horses capable of International Representation in the Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing
  • a noble, correctly built Warmblood horse with good rideability, capable of superior performance in all disciplines.
  • a horse with natural impulsion and elastic movements.
  • a horse which because of its temperament, character and willingness, is suited as an all round riding horse on the basis of its natural ability.

The term "Warmblood" encompasses multiple middle weight breeds originating from Europe, particularly Germany. They include Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Selle Français, Dutch Warmblood (KWPN), Rheinlander , Holsteiner and Westfalian and the German Warmblood Pony.

Having a NZ Warmblood gives you the flexibility to select from a range of approved studbooks to breed "the best from the best." 


GT Jake

Carpaccio BVD Z

HP Fresco

2017 AGM

On Saturday 16th September the NZWA held its 2017 AGM in Rolleston, South Island. It was well attended new committee has been elected. They are as follows:

Jody Hartstone
Vice President: Kieryn Walton
Registrar: Christine Hartstone
Treasurer: Bronwyn Van Roon
Webmaster: Jeanette Russell
Stallion Liaison Officer: Catherine Smith
General Committee: Sheena Ross, Kirsty Moffit, Janelle van Roon, Amy Stewart, Courtney Walker, Nancy Jacks, Sarah Catherwood, Catherine Smith

They look forward to serving the members for the next 12 months and will continue to aim for bigger and better things for Warmblood horses in New Zealand.

The re-election of Jody and Christine Hartstone as President and Registrar repectively shows the level of confidence members have after seeing the leaps forward the NZWA has made this year and Jody's President's Report does a good job of summarising the progress made by the 2016 Committee:




The NZWA is running its North Island In-Hand Championship at Equidays next month - Friday 13th of October.


Classes are available for both Blue and Pink Papered horses as well as Derivatives. Entries thru Equestrian Entries - this is open to ALL

Warmblood horses registered with a warmblood society anywhere in the world - so imported horses, NZ Hanoverians, NZ Warmbloods, NZ Rheinlander and NZ Warmblood Derivatives and NZ Trakehners are all welcome.

Please note that the Mare Suitable For Breeding class is open to TB mares who have been classified into Foundation Studbook Papers and also mares currently in the WB studbook (pink papers) as well as blue papered mares.

All competitors get a goodie bag!!

GET YOUR ENTRIES IN NOW - ENTRIES CLOSE 1st October. www.equestrianentries.co.nz



Info Booklet for Breeders:

A step by step guide to breeding a NZ Warmblood from mare classification and registration through to the branding process.  

Includes info on DNA typing, AI, Frozen, fees and information on the different tiers within the NZ Warmblood Breed.  Nearly everything you need to know to breed a future superstar!


Following the 2015 AGM the New Zealand Warmblood Association announced a one off Amnesty Period on registrations of Warmblood horses who may in the past have not been eligible for Warmblood Studbook registration.

The purpose of the Amnesty is to allow a period of grace during which the NZWA would improve its services in educating and informing breeders
about the breed, the structure of the registries and studbooks, and the breed regulations. 

After the 2017 AGM the committee has made some minor changes to the Amnesty clause to further clarify the details. These ammendments will to be announced shortly.
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Membership of the NZWA gives you access to:

  • Performance awards for all disciplines
  • E-Blast Newsletters 
  • A National Registrar
  • An extensive and informative NZ Warmblood website
  • Stallion inspection and licensing
  • Stallion Promotion 
  • Mare Inspections
  • Socialising!


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