Nz warmblood news



On Saturday 16th September the NZWA held its 2017 AGM in Rolleston, South Island.


A new committee was  elected. They  look forward to building the NZWB brand here in NZ and on the world stage. They are as follows:

President: Jody Hartstone
Vice President: Kieryn Walton
Registrar: Christine Hartstone
Treasurer: Bronwyn Van Roon
Webmaster: Jeanette Russell
Stallion Liaison Officer: Catherine Smith
General Committee: Sheena Ross, Kirsty Moffit, Janelle van Roon, Amy Stewart, Courtney Walker, Nancy Jacks, Sarah Catherwood, Catherine Smith


We are very excited to announce the well respected German Assessor Mattias Werner will be coming to New Zealand near the end of February to  classify Warmblood, Thoroughbred and Arabian mares into the Stud Books (and onto their Pink Papers) as well as assessing some wonderful stallions to bring them into the Stallion Stud Book as fully approved, licensed stallions.

Mathias will also be available to inspect foals and young stock under three years of age and horses in the derivative register as well.
If you have a horse that is currently in the derivative register that qualifies for full papers under the amnesty clause then this is the time to get them up-gaded – you only have till 2020.
Full details on the amnesty clause are available on the website by following this link (It’s on the last page of the Breed Regs.)
You need to register your interest in putting your horse forward for classification so we can plan the tour route.  Here is the website link:
The forms to fill out are at the bottom of this page – one for mare classification one for stallion classification , and the other is for geldings, young stock and derivatives to be inspected.
A reminder that all horses on the classification tour must be REGISTERED with us on either blue or grey papers in order to be inspected or classified on the tour!!
We are looking forward to making this classification  tour the best one yet so please don’t be shy – get your horses names in to us within the next week or so and we will get the show on the road!
Kind Regards
Jody Hartstone
NZWA President.